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Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems – Theory, Practice and Trouble-shooting

Hydraulic systems

  • Fundamentals of hydraulics: Basics of water and oil hydraulics
  • Hydraulic system accessories: Reservoirs, filters, coolers, Instrumentation and accumulators
  • Principle construction and working of components
  • Hydraulic pumps: Pump basics positive & non-positive displacement pumps
  • Pressure control: relief, reducing, regulating valves
  • Flow control: FCV, non-return valves
  • Actuators: Linear actuators, hydraulic motors, Hydraulic drives.
  • Direction control valves: Direct operated, pilot operated
  • ISO symbol and hydraulic circuit reading
  • Performance evaluation and testing of Hydraulic pumps, Relief & DC valves
  • Principle of solenoid valves
  • Working principles of proportional valves and servo valves
  • Interpretation and discussions of electro-hydraulic circuits in plant machinery
  • Material handling system
  • Proportional variable pump control system
  • General troubleshooting and maintenance

Pneumatic systems

  • Theories of compressed air
  • Operation & function of Pneumatic system components
  • Design & drawing of air symbols
  • Simulation of movement phases & function phases
  • Drawing air circuits according to standards
  • Dryers, air receivers
  • Compressors
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Air distribution systems
  • Directional valves
  • Flow valves
  • Fault-finding & trouble shooting of compressed air control circuits
  • Guidelines for industrial safety